gutter cleaningSmall Repairs Completed: Keep gutters free of leaves, branches and dirt!

It is important to keep your gutters free of leaves, branches, dirt, etc. When gutters clog water will over flow and cause flooding around the house and possibly into the home itself. Gutters that are not properly installed or that are clogged can overflow back and create wood rot that can cost thousands to repair. Dry debris that falls inside the rain gutter and roof can cause house fires from falling ashes. Insects and other unwanted bugs are attracted to an unclean gutter for it provides a good nesting ground and food source for these unwanted pests, especially mosquitoes. Anytime your gutters are not functioning properly is the time to get them cleaned, but the Fall season is usually the best time to schedule a cleaning. There is a small window of opportunity between when all the leaves have fallen and before the leaves start to freeze within the gutter. Call early to let us know you will be needing your gutters cleaned.